Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary Essay

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Madame Bovary      In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Emma Bovary is a victim of her own foolish disposition, and fueled by her need for change. Emma’s nonstop waiting for excitement to enter into her life and her romantic nature eventually lead her to a much more realistic ending than in her romantic illusions. All of these things, with the addition of her constant wavering of one extreme to another, contribute to her suicide in the end. Throughout the story, Emma’s foolishness and mood fluctuations lead to the eventual breakdown of her stability in life. In the beginning of the story, Emma has a desire to change around the house. A popular view on this aspect is that Emma experiences a stroke of…show more content…
A woman who can simply lose all interest in her child based on gender has serious emotional problems, and Emma is the case in point. Though Emma's inability to interpret the emotional gravity of new life and the potential for new love suggests a deficit in her reading of life, Flaubert entails that Emma has a natural disability in appropriate expression. A person would think that such a suggestion would create sympathy for Emma. However, when she is aspiring to be "the mistress of all the novels, the heroine of all the dramas, the vague she of all volumes of verse" (Flaubert 192), I do not think that sympathy is deserved.            When Emma decided to go see the priest at the church in search of some spiritual guidance, another instance of her gullibility is expressed. Upon arriving, the priest does not seem to respect her pious needs, and quickly assumes that all she needs is a cup of tea and sends her on her way. As Emma returned home, her daughter acted as if to comfort Emma. In spite of this, Emma simply declines while pushing her away and scolding the child to keep her distance. Apparently unaware of the strength she applies, Emma pushes her daughter so hard that the girl falls and injures her head upon impact. In reaction, Emma cries and screams worriedly for the girl.
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