Gutter Maintenance Fqs

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Gutter Maintenance FAQs Gutter maintenance is not just about cleaning the gutters. It is about making sure that your gutters are always in top condition, so that they can properly protect your home from water damage. So when should you clean your gutters? How can you prevent clogs? When is it time to repair or change the gutters? Find the answers to these and more gutter related questions in the following lines. How often should you clean the gutters? Most people clean their gutters twice a year, but the right answer to this question is: as often as possible. If there are not that many trees around, or you have mainly oaks, twice a year should be enough, preferably in the spring and at the end of the fall. If you…show more content…
Choose the right guards according to your needs. For example, if you don’t have many trees around, choose something like perforated aluminum. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by pine trees, you will need a quality steel mesh, one that allows the water to freely go through, but which can trap pine needles and other types of small debris. When should you repair the gutters? You should check your gutters for damage every summer, because if there is need for repairs or replacements, summer is the best time for these projects. First of all, you should check for sagging. If this is the case, you probably need to straightened the bended sections and add some more hangers for extra support. If you are experiencing leaks, you probably have some small holes. You can patch them up with roofing cement. When should you replace gutters? The main sign for gutter replacement is severe rust and holes. You can patch up some holes, but if there’s too many of them, there’s no point. Plus, if your gutters started rusting, chances are more holes will appear soon. Overflowing can also cause for gutter replacement. If the gutters are not clogged and are still overflowing, you might need bigger capacity
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