Guy De Maupassant The Necklace. In The Short Story By Guy

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Guy De Maupassant The Necklace In the short story by Guy de Maupassant The Necklace A young beautiful maiden longing for the finer things in life becomes her greatest downfall. Whereas losing everything can make you bitter., greediness can sometimes lead forced humbleness. The author of the story introduces us to Mathilde. She is the focus of the story. Noted for her beauty, she often dreamt as many do of being born in the wrong family. The setting of the story tells us that this fair maiden lived in an error where a caste system existed. It was her misfortune to be married to a mere clerk. To some, this would have been perfectly fine. However, for our character, this was like her Scarlett letter. She found herself having to…show more content…
Her story can be likened to that of Cinderella wishing that her fate would change. They both share in some form of envy. “Mathilde envies her rich friend and Cinderella envies her step-sisters. “ "She had no dresses, no jewels. was envious of her friend and anyone else who had more than what she had. Cinderella had nothing and longed to attend the ball like the other girls. Both ladies fate will change. Both ladies share the same good fortune by being invited to a ball. Cinderella receives help from her fairy god mother while Mathilde 's husband and friend steps in. This is where the ladies begin to part. For Cinderella, a fairy godmother magically changes everything into a what she needs to attend the ball. On the other hand, poor Mathilde states that she cannot go to the ball because she has nothing to wear. Her poor husband comes to her rescue by giving her the money he has saved for something else so that she may by a dress. Again the disposition of the two ladies spread further apart. Cinderella is shocked and can’t believe how lucky she is.. Mathilde on the other hand is still unhappy because she doesn’t have any jewels to wear with her expensive dress Her husband who has no more money to give his beautiful bride suggested that she borrow some from her friend. Forestier allowed Mme. Loisel to borrow "a superb necklace of diamonds"(902). Mathilde Loisel had a wonderful time at
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