Guyland Essay

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Michael Kimmel talks a lot about how guys between the ages of 16 and 26 are living in the world called Guyland (Kimmel, 5). Things such as sports, sex, porn, and video games consume guys in Guyland. Kimmel also brings up that girls/women are in a way questionable or illegal in Guyland, however women/girls are still present in Guyland. Two ways females participate in Guyland are by supporting Guyland by conforming to what men want and by complying with guys by trying to be one of them. Women can also resist Guyland by embracing qualities they already posses and not conforming to the wants of males. The first way females participate in Guyland is by supporting Guyland. Females support Guyland in many ways, one being that young women…show more content…
I have to embrace what I have and know that regardless of men’s standards, I am beautiful the way I am. If guys don’t like it then there’s nothing I can do about it. This ties in with the hazing that happened at the sorority house in California with the X’s and circles on the girl’s body parts that needed “work”. Young women should not have to conform to male’s wishes. Just because one guy thinks that something may be wrong with a girl’s body does not mean that another guy won’t find it beautiful. Women in Guyland, as author Michael Kimmel states, are “necessary”. Girls strive to be accepted by guys in Guyland by supporting the wants and need of men and also by trying to be a part of Guyland so much that women can lose sense of their true femininity. The constant pressure on females to conform to Guyland can be exhausting, however there are things that women can do resist Guyland, for example embracing qualities they already possess and not conforming to the wishes of
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