Gwen Harris

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It started on a Monday. Monday is the day when everyone is at their worst, especially Gwen Harris. She was furious. Her favorite food in the whole world, tater tots, were discontinued at the school cafeteria, and she was left with soggy salad. Her friend had left early for a doctor’s appointment, and she had no one else to talk to. That day was the Monday of all Mondays. So on that very day, the universe decided to send Gwen a challenge. As Gwen was walking home from school, a woman walked by her wearing an extravagant hat. Colors popped out, with bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, and even brown. There were feathers and colored cotton balls sticking on every face of the hat, and polka-dot ribbon was lining the hats edge. Gwen’s…show more content…
She finally realized what being optimistic meant. Dylan was so happy, so at ease because she never criticized people or lashed out at them. She was forgiving and kind. Gwen knew what she had to do. She ran around school, stopping to make compliments to everyone at her school, and the bees started to disappear. “You look beautiful today.” POOF. “What a pretty dress.” POOF. She complimented strangers on the sidewalk, greeting people with smiles, and stopping to give money to the homeless. Everywhere she spread happiness. When she arrived at her house, she looked in the mirror in the hallway. The bees disappeared, but in their place, were beautiful butterflies, with bright colors and entrancing patterns on their wings. Gwen was given a brand new perspective on life. The next day, everywhere she went, positive features seemed to glow. She didn’t have to force compliments anymore, they just came naturally. At lunch, she walked out of the cafeteria and headed towards the table that she usually sits at. As she walked, people greeted her with smiles. But the one difference that seemed to show the most, was that she was able to see other people’s bees and butterflies. Some people had bees, some people had butterflies, and some even had both, and when she looked across the quad, she saw Dylan, with the largest cloud of butterflies of them
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