Gwen Zwanziger: Cause Of Death

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Gwen Zwanziger has been mourning the loss of her seventeen year old daughter for over a year now. Cause of death? The Flu. Gwen’s daughter, Shannon complained of having a sore throat, nothing out of the ordinary, one hundred and thirty of her classmates were out sick with the flu as well. She did not get her flu shot either. Shannon was given throat spray and bed rest until she felt up to par, except that never happened. Shannon was sick for about a week and progressively became more ill. Finally her father took her to the doctor while her mother stayed home to clean her room and change her sheets, to see if there was anything to help. The doctor brushed it aside and claimed rest was all she could do and the illness would pass in time. Later,…show more content…
Big Idea/Reason #2: How did Shannon Die? supporting details: Shannon died from the flu, she complained of having a sore throat then took a week off school. After a week, her father took her to the doctors who claimed there was nothing they could do for her but have her drink lots of liquids and sleep. Later she died in her mother's arms after being to frail to take a shower by herself. c. Big Idea/Reason #3: Why should you get the flu shot? supporting details: Getting the flu shot stops the what ifs if something were to happen. Even though you can still get the flu after getting a flu shot, it can weaken the strain and has the possibility of saving a life. 2. Does writer acknowledge the counterargument to his position? How? Does he then concede any of the counterarguments points, or does he instead try to undercut them? Yes, the author acknowledges her counterpoints then quickly rebuttals them. She talks about how people do not get the flu shot because you can still get the flu. She says, “would you rather have your child get the flu shot or not get the flu shot and wonder what if.” 3. How does the writer present himself as someone we should trust? Be sure to cite words, elements of language he uses to establish this persona. Is it effective?

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