Gwendolyn Brooks : Poetry And Poetry

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Gwendolyn Brooks Poets and poetry surround us in our everyday lives . From Langston Hughes to Phyllis Wheatley. One that is commonly known is Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks is highly recognized in the poetry world especially for being the first black female poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. In regards to Brooks’ poetry it is no disappointment for her words are heart wrenching and thought provoking. Brooks focuses on the struggle of African Americans and sheds light on the poverty and issues they go through while exploring the struggles in everyday African American life. The themes that are constantly discussed throughout her literary works is black pride, black identity as well as black unity. The overall struggles of blacks is what Brooks sheds light on through her poetry. One of her famous works is called “The Mother”. When Brooks first wrote this book, her publisher begged her not to include it in her books because the topic of this work was abortion. Abortion was something that the rest of the world was not ready to discuss so openly but brooks being a straight shooter and a feminist refused to listen and published it in her book anyway. The Mother is a poem that is filled with dramatic emotion.Brooks diction in the poem shows that it is a poem of great deal of importance. Brooks starts off strong, not beating around the bush just by the first few lines of the poem: Abortions will not let you forget.
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