Gym Classes Should Be Mandatory For All Public Schools

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Physical Education in Schools May gym classes help students make better in all of their classes? Nowadays there is a problem with childhood obesity in USA schools. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. This may happen because young people are spending too many hours in front of computers and televisions, and they spend less time exercising in schools or outside of schools. Therefore, physical activities should be offer to students in schools. Physical activities such as, jogging, yoga, jump rope, aerobics, dance, etc. The practicing of this activities could impact in students’ performance academic and health, but some parents and teachers might think that students should focus in other subjects like math, reading, writing, science instead of gym classes. Physical Education programs in schools should not be an option. Gym classes should be mandatory for all public schools in all grades in USA. First, physical activity in school would help students to improve their rate of academic learning. Children who are physically active would perform, retain, absorb and pay attention better at school and home, than students who are out of shape. ‘A study, conducted by Bryan Mc Cullick, a kinesiology professor at the University of Georgia, examined all 50 of the United States and found six states where elementary schools followed recommended physical education at the middle school level, and no states had strong enough regulations at the high school level.” This
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