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Gym,Health&FitnessClubsintheUS June 2011


Working out: Business will stay strong as demand from health-conscious consumers grows

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Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in the US
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Gym membership numbers have increased considerably over the past 10 years, rising from 36.3 million in 2002 to more than 42.8 million by 2011. This trend has resulted in soaring demand for fitness activities, and industry operators have capitalized on this growth by expanding establishments in size and number.

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Youth and baby boomers will aim to stay fit,  supporting demand for gyms and health clubs
Still, the industry has not been completely recession proof. In 2008 and 2009, demand for gyms and health clubs weakened as consumers cut back on discretionary spending. However, compared with other industries, the Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs industry has remained remarkably resilient, as increased leisure time and boosts in health and morale from exercise have kept the industry highly competitive. Gyms and health clubs have broadened

their markets and are offering value to gym-goers in a bid to retain membership numbers throughout the
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