Gymnastics Interview Review Questions

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Interview Review In the interview I created, I developed questions that would help me understand someone else’s story. I was intrigued to ask my questions mainly about how to hold onto hope in the interview because I wanted to see how others got through the tough challenges that we all have. The world is not perfect, however many people can get through the hard times, but not all. If I came across someone who hasn't found the hope yet, then it would open my eyes to a different point of view. I would become more grateful, or figure out what else is going on in the world that I have not yet discovered and help if I could. I just wanted to explore other people’s approach to a challenge, which might inspire and help me through challenges of my own. I was basically expecting someone to share with me how they got or getting out of a rough situation. For that someone, I chose to interview my dance coach to…show more content…
She has a strong relationship with her family and very passionate with gymnastics and dance. The interviewee trained for the Olympics in gymnastics. However, her body began to struggle health wise. She had many different surgeries when she was young involving her ankle. When she hit sixteen, she had a back surgery forcing her to stop her successful career at the time. Then she stayed positive and continued to reach for other goals. Teaching then became her career but still can’t teach as much because it is hard for her to demonstrate things or just getting around in general. However, she found the hope that there is always something to reach for. Since she can’t really do anymore to help herself, she wants to help others get through their challenges. She has touched so many lives and has become a successful dance teacher by helping others achieve their main goals that she couldn't really do. Some goals for her may have not been all reached because of her injuries, but she sure can motivate others to always reach for the
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