Gymnasts Research Paper

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According to Chris Mallac, the Sports Injury Doctor, gymnasts suffer many growth problems. This includes back problems. One problem includes Scheuermann's disease. One is diagnosed with this disease when the front portion of their back does not develop. In fact, gymnasts are commonly diagnosed because of the repetitive flexing and arching of the back. This disease leads to hunchback. Specifically, the spine starts to wedge out. Scheuermann's disease can take gymnasts out of the sport for periods of time to let their spine grow and function properly. Gymnasts are also commonly diagnosed with premature osteoporosis. This is when the bones weaken, leading to bone loss and severe back pain. These problems are caused because the back never has time…show more content…
According to Eating Discovery Hope, a website dedicated to helping people with eating disorders and informing people about eating disorders, gymnasts commonly go through eating disorders. This is usually caused by someone or something which could include a loss in a competition or a coach that never stops pushing. This also can be caused by all of the pressure placed on a gymnast to stay lean and fit. Anorexia is caused because gymnasts need to have small, lean bodies or else they may have to retire. This is when one fasts for long period of time. This has great effects on the body. The whole body weakens because of the abnormally low weight one has. Anorexia is usually starting because one fears to gain weight. Specifically, gymnasts fear gaining weight because that could end their career. Cathy Rigby, a 1972 Olympic gymnast, suffered anorexia and went into cardiac arrest twice. Cardiac arrest could lead to death, and this is caused when the heart stop working. Another eating disorder includes Bulimia. This is caused by (usually) self-disgust do to a loss. One then decides to binge and purge. This causes abnormally low
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