H.B. Fuller Case Study: Substance Abuse in the Street Children of Honduras

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MBA 5211: Organizational Ethics

CASE STUDY: H.B. FULLER IN HONDURAS: sTREET CHILDREN AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE Organizations are continually faced with ethical dilemmas. Though each dilemma may vary in degree of impact they will have on a company, it is essential that a company establish a wise solution to the problem. As we have gathered from this course, there are a large variety of views and theories on how to address these problems in the most ethical way. In this paper I will discuss the H.B. Fuller case in Honduras: Street children and drug abuse and examine the ethical challenges the company was presented with. I
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He tried to contact and work with the government about the issues, but the political figure he was working with retired before he could help Kativo’s case. Meanwhile, five congressmen had drafted a “proposed law that required the use of oil of mustard in locally produced or imported solvent based adhesives”. On March 30, 1989, their request was approved by the Honduran Congress. Beto continued to argue that this would not only not solve the drug addiction problem, it would slow down the country’s development. (Donaldson, 2008) During this time H.B. Fuller headquarters in the U.S. had received letters from concerned stockholders asking if the company was aware of the issue of glue sniffing in Honduras, and how they were dealing with it. Ultimately, they wanted to know how a company with a respectable business philosophy could let something like this happen. This pushed the Vice President of Corporate Relations, Dick Johnson, and the Director of Community Affairs, Karen Muller, to travel to Honduras and assess the situation first hand. Their findings were congruent with what Beto had been communicating to them, removing the product from the market would not fix the problem. Their solution was to focus on community relations. In 1988, the National Commission for Technical Assistance to Children in Irregular Situations (CONATNSI) began working on improving community relations. H.B. Fuller felt a community
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