H.G. Wells's Presentation of Future in The Time Machine Essay

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H.G. Wells's Presentation of Future in The Time Machine

When Wells was writing "The Time Machine" in 1895 England was a country where society consisted of several classes. These were mainly the middle classes, these were the people who ran factories and had a lot of wealth. The other class was working class, the people who worked in factories and mines. Also there were a huge number of factories and mines. Consequently there was a great deal of air-pollution due to the factories. The smog from the factories pollution was common in winter and big cities like London and Manchester had smog clouds in winter. Smog clouds were so thick you could barely see twenty yards in front of yourself.

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There was no disturbances, no shadow casting buildings as everyone lived either in small communes or underground. The climate was very warm in 802,701, Wells knew it would be warmer but I don't think he knew it would be because of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Even though there were very few buildings in 802,701 the architecture on the buildings was amazing. One architectural buildings was the building with the sphinxes head above the door

In 802,701 one group were living in a commune, the Eloi. But in mysterious state of despair the other group, the Morlocks, live in a huge underground world. Wells expressed the theory of evolution by making the Eloi, distant descendants of the wealthy but because they didn't use their brains or muscles, they were very weak and had lost most signs of human intelligence. However the Morlocks descended from the labourers and the working class. Both species had adapted to their environment. The Eloi were small and very weak, as they didn't work at all, they also had very short attention spans, as they didn't pay attention to things for very long. The Eloi get tired easily because they never need to walk any further than 250-500 yards.

However the Morlocks had big eyes that drew light in, this was because they lived in the darkness of underground. Also they had very spindly arms so they could reach things if
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