H.H. Holmes. After The Industrial Revolution Fabricated

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H.H. Holmes After the Industrial Revolution fabricated society for nineteenth century America, many families were moving to the cities for new opportunities. Immigrants found a niche in society and life was beginning to flourish and build the nation into what it’s citizens know it as today. However, while most of the country was settling down, a man by the name of Herman Webster Mudgett, otherwise known as HH Holmes, had a different approximation of why he should move to the city. HH Holmes was perhaps the most intelligent and deadly serial killer due to countless acts of successful insurance scams and murders.
Gilmanton, New Hampshire welcomed a new citizen on May 16, 1861 by Levi Mudgett and Theodate Price who named their son Herman
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Corpses were stolen from the University of Michigan, made unrecognizable, and insurance claims were placed. These actions resulted in a steady income for Mudgett, as well as an expulsion in one case. Upon graduation Mudgett opted to start a new life for himself in 1886 in the Windy City, which displayed new opportunities for the young scholar.
Mudgett began working in a small pharmacy, Dr. E.S. Holton’s Drugstore, in Englewood, Illinois, under the name Dr. Henry Howard Holmes (H.H. Holmes Biography”). After working at the small store located at the corner of 63rd and Wallace streets for some time, the owner, Mr. Horton, began to become close with Holmes. Unfortunately, Mr. Horton was diagnosed with cancer. Horton had only his wife to care for the pharmacy while he was sick and knew that she would not be able to run it when he had passed, so Horton made the decision to sell the pharmacy to Holmes whom he dearly trusted. Shortly after the purchase of the pharmacy, Holmes met Myrta Belknap whom he married in January of 1887, causing her to become his second wife in which he fathered a child, Lucy Holmes, with. Holmes allowed the elderly couple to continue living in the apartment above the drugstore while Holmes rented a house nearby. However, shortly after Mr. Horton’s passing, Mrs. Horton went missing. Customers began questioning her whereabouts towards Holmes who replied only with the story that she had
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