H&M, Marketing Oriented Essay

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1. To what extent is H&M marketing orientated? What evidence is there in the case to support your view? [40%]
As defined by (Narver.J.C. & Slater, 1990) market orientation is an organisational culture that most effective and efficient in creating necessary behaviours for superior value offering it has for buyers and, thus, resulting in continuous superior performance for business.
Market orientation is when a company organizes its activities, products and services around the wants and needs of its customers. From the case study, there are evidence that H&M follows marketing orientation strategies and embodies the market oriented characteristics of a company.
In the case of H&M it can be seen that the organization
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This hence results in a decline in sales due to its slow response to become irrelevant or undesirable for its customers.
H&M’s keen understanding of the changes to the customers change to want clothing that are of good quality and high fashion style as a key customer value allowed it to enjoy profitable operations to fuel its massive expansions of over 3,000 stores in 53 countries (H&M, 2013). For example, H&M has reported strong sales earnings in two very different markets such as UK and US through differentiated marketing strategies suited to the local customer needs of each market. This is seen in the case study whereby H&M operates more like a departmental store in the UK as compared to having a young vibrant store display and design catered to the fashion conscious younger female following in US.
As H&M’s main target market comprises of fashion-conscious teenagers and young ladies who draws their fashion inclinations and dressing liking to following trends in the music and media. In recognition the power of advertising and marketing and the influence it has on the young consumers in their decisions on purchasing, H&M has banked into endorsements from international celebrities and designers. This include a slew of collaborations with style and fashion icons such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue. In 2013, it has also included under its
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