H&M Motivational Factors

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Personal development and methodology The motivation within H&M 08-10-2012 Picture 1 (www.facebook.com) Tabel of content Tabel of content 2 1.1 Introduction 3 2.1 Problem statement 3 2.2Delimitation/interpretation: 3 3.1 Methodology section 4 3.2 Reviewing theories and models: 5 4.1 Analysis 6 4.2 Motivation to reach the financial goals within H&M 6 4.3 Motivation within the CSR and the environment 8 4.4 Structure 10 5.1 Discussion 12 6.1 Conclusion 13 Appendix A - organization 14 Appendix B - Ownership structure 16 Appendix C - social Contract 17 Appendix D - logbook 18 Appendix E – e-mails 19 Appendix F – Bibliography 21 Executive summary The purpose of this assignment is to…show more content…
The theories, described in the assignment has been used to analyse what motivates people within the company to reach their goals and to be satisfied in the environment they are working in. Maslow’s theory of needs assumes that human needs are virtually inexhaustible and that one set of need is satisfied, another arises in its place VII It can be visualised in hierarchical pyramid (picture 2) The different levels of this theory have been investigated throughout the analyse section in context of H&M different activities. Picture 2-( www.blog.makingitclear.com) The Human Relations Movement according to Hawthorne theory is used to analyse the human factor in the organisation. It highlights the personality role in it. The lack of human factor is emphasized in the organisation process by the Scientific Management Theory. The validity of this theory has been examined in the assignment. Style theories investigate the leader’s behaviour in distinct situations. It points out what is working in the theories, but not functioning in the reality. According to Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory, people has diverse motivational factors by things they make them feel good about work. The theory highlights that satisfaction is not reached unless dissatisfaction factors are gratified. Distinct satisfaction factors has been examined. The assignment is looking at the structure of
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