H & M a Multichannel Report Essay

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At a glance: This report looks at the key value propositions of the website and how it fares against its competitors in its online multichannel strategy. The report recommends the following changes to keep the costs down and serve its customers better. Provide online retailing to countries where the option is unavailable, especially US. Ask for gender of the customer during profile creation so that they have targeted advertisements about specific products in the home page. Currently most of the advertisements in website are for feminine products. Use centralised database management system to reduce costs and to obtain a holistic view about customer behaviour in each regions. Integrate a search function in the…show more content…
However, it also to be noted that customers with children are a bit unsatisfied with the services. Also, in gender wise satisfaction index, men are not as satisfied with the services as are women. This report will try to analyse this issue and recommend a solution in the following sections. For complete analyses, this report will now look at atmospherics of the website. 3. Web Environment: H&M’s online environment, similar to that of store’s, is dependent on the layout, atmospherics, theatrics and interaction. In the online environment the atmospherics is dependent on the colours and hues used in the website, theatrics depend on the animation, images and vividness, and finally interactivity depends on the social presence in the website. On a holistic view, H&M has a good website and successfully caters the needs of its customers. The design and layout used in the website is that of a grid/tree structure. The customer has to find the product by browsing through the category and its sub-category. According to Vrechopoulos et al (2004), the perceived quality in the freeform layout is slightly more than the grid layout. However the ease of use of the grid layout outweighs the entertainment factor. One issue that this report noticed is that the website does not have a search function which can help the customer easily find a product. For instance, to find ‘sweatpants’, a user has to click on the ‘trousers’ section under ‘men’ and the browse
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