H.R.1501 - Violent And Repeat Juvenile Offender Accountability

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H.R.1501 - Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Accountability and Rehabilitation Act of 1999. H.R. 1809 focuses more on non-violent offenders, H.R. 1501 focuses towards violent and repeat offenders.
Legislation Option 1: H.R. 1501 was introduced to the House on 04/21/1999 and passed through both the House and the Senate, the main focus of this Bill was “to provide quality prevention programs and accountability programs relating to juvenile delinquency” (H.R. 1501). This bill helps to solve some of the root problems in juvenile justice, as it enables accountability and would provide the juvenile “a genuine opportunity for self-reform” (H.R.1501), and that is in accord with some of the root causes as to why juveniles get into trouble and
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“Government cannot remove evil (Fischer, 2013 p. 2). They can “only restrain evil through the passage and enforcement of laws and regulations” (Fischer, 2013 p. 2-3). Rules of Federalism which apply to the different agencies in the federal and state governments along with local on community groups working together would apply in the passage of this bill as it will take the cooperation of several levels of government in order to implement it. The Bible speaks of restorative justice (Acts 3:19-21, Romans 7:15) in the concept of having the ability to change the inner person in realms of what is causing the bad behavior that led to sin and crime. The government should help and have a say in passing reforms and laws that will be in agreement with God’s law and interpret a biblical worldview in the process of doing so. It is important for the long run for the government to be involved and adjust the laws when it comes to incarcerating non-violent offenders as it is offering forgiveness and the ability to be accountable and show restitution which is supported by the Bible.
Constitutional guidelines: While the Constitution does not specifically mention crimes by juveniles, In re Gault (1967), via the Supreme Court allows for fairness to juveniles within the court system as they are given the same inalienable rights by God as everyone has and they have to

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