H&R Block Case Study Essay

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H&R Block Tax Services Case-Study
Frank M. Burns

Management & Strategy 5650
Gregory Coon, Ph.D.
Spring 1 2011
Webster University

H&R Block’s Tax Services segment provides income tax return preparation, electronic filing and other services and products related to income tax return preparation. Clients are offered a number of options for receiving their income tax refund, including a check directly from the IRS, an electronic deposit directly to their bank account, a prepaid debit card, a refund anticipation loan (RAL) or a refund anticipation check (RAC). Major revenue sources include; fees earned for tax preparation services performed at company-owned retail tax offices, royalties from franchise retail tax
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Strategic Management

H&R Block offers franchises as a way to expand their presence in the market. Their franchise arrangements assure the protection of their brand. The franchisees receive the use of software, signs, specialized forms, local advertising, initial training and supervisory services. They pay H&R Block 30 percent of gross tax return preparation and related service revenues as a franchise royalty. With the downturn of the economy many lower income and those that have lost employment are looking to have their taxes completed early in the tax year to receive their refund quickly. With H&R Block franchises virtually worldwide, their services are convenient and most utilized.
H&R Block has developed and is currently marketing H&R Block At Home™ income tax preparation software. H&R Block At Home™ offers a simple step-by-step tax preparation interview, data imports from money management software and tax preparation software, calculations, completion of the appropriate tax forms, error checking and electronic filing. Their software products may be purchased through third-party retail stores, direct mail or online. H&R Block offers a comprehensive range of online tax services, from tax advice to complete professional and do-it-yourself tax return preparation and electronic filing, through their website at www.hrblock.com. This website allows clients to prepare their federal and state income tax
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