H & R Block Performance Management Best Practices

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H&R Block Performance Management Best Practices During the time that I spent in labor force I was able to work with numerous of people in various fields of work. When I first read this assignment, I knew exactly who I wanted to interview. Indeed, out of all the people I’ve worked alongside with, none made an impression on me quite as much as my former manager Maria from H&R Block. Her commitment, friendliness and work ethic were nothing short of extraordinary. She was the first and only thought that came into my mind when I thought of who to interview for this assignment. The first question I asked Maria had to deal with her duration at H&R Block. Indeed, she had been with the company for ten years and had become the manager of the…show more content…
She was so well liked that clients would come from cities 100 miles away just to get their returns prepared by Maria. Despite the fact that H&R Block is the biggest tax firm in the world, it still has many venues for growth. In my interview with Maria, she mentioned to me that many people are off put by H&R Block due to the “high” prices. Other tax preparation firms charge anywhere from $50 - $300 for a return while H&R Block charges range from $50 - $700 returns. This staggering price range is the reason why many people will risk doing their taxes with smaller and less organized firms rather than H&R Block. The reason why H&R Block sets their price so high is because it backs each return with audit protection and demands that the preparer checks every return carefully before being sent to the IRS. Maria claimed that if more customers knew about the unparalleled quality of H&R Block’s guarantees, as well as the danger and stress of an IRS audit, many more people would do their returns at H&R Block instead of at a cheap and risky unofficial stores . In order to solve this issue, Maria told me that she was trying to emphasize the company’s guarantees to the marketing team so they could make commercials and brochures advertising this fact of H&R Block. Americans need to consider the face that H&R Block is the largest tax preparation firm in the country. However, as Maria puts it: “There is always room for
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