H&Sc Unit 11 Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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Task 1 (P1) With examples, describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. To achieve p1, produce a table that describes the different forms of abuse that adults may be subjected to. Forms of Abuse Which May Be Experienced By Adults Abuse is mistreating someone whether mentally, emotionally, sexually, financially or physically that is likely to cause death or harm to a person such as making them feel worthless, guilty, isolated or making significant loss to a victim’s property. Forms Of Abuse Meaning Of Abuse Example Physical abuse Physical abuse is a result of pain, injury or impairment in the body due to a purpose infliction of force to a person. For example, by shaking, pinching, pushing, burning, force…show more content…
They may experience anorexia by not eating. It is very important to make sure that the adult have a healthy diet that weight loss or becoming ill regularly may indicate they have been neglected by not giving them food or poor hygiene. If a wealthy person suddenly seems to struggle financially it can mean that someone is benefitting from them by abusing them financially. As see on the news, elderly who are subjected to financial abuse are usually the ones who have retired that their carer or a family member owns the elderly persons money and not give it to them. If an elderly person is subjected to financial abuse they may not be able to pay their bills even not afford food. Cuts and scars may indicate to physical abuse and not reporting any of the abuses they have been subjected to may mean they are scared and need support. If a person feels threatened when talking with someone or looking down at all times, this may be an indicator of abuse that the abuse victim feels low in confidence and self esteem. The abuse victim may feel worthless because of the abuse they been exposed to therefore will lose their own value. People who respect their selves will feel positive about their selves, if a person does not feel positive about their selves this may be an indicator. These are the some indicators of abuse happening to adults. However, the victim may feel afraid or ashamed of telling

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