H2O Can Expand Operations from Germany Into the Us

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February 24, 2011
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Table of Contents

Background & Introduction

Outline and Review of HRIS Systems

Explanation of Manpower and Technology Needed to Operate HRIS

Assessment of the importance of the HRIS function within an organization
Metrics HRIS system can produce for the organization
Best practices of 5-10 US organizations
Key action items for H20 implementation of effective
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H2O will provide each employee the best package they can offer so that their stay in the United States is as comfortable as possible. This company must first seek to look for a decent Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is better than the one they have since they are looking to expand. They need to make sure whatever software they purchase is able to meet the needs of their Germany and United States locations. Next step is recruiting. H2O needs to make sure that they take into consideration when sending experts to the United States or hiring employees from within the United States. Human Resources should have a budget for employees in areas of payroll, benefits, workers compensation, compliance, exit processes, legal and taxes. All of these things have to be considered. The reason for having an established budget is to ensure new hires are not laid off if H2O has cut costs somewhere else to compensate their employees. Third step H2O needs to consider is training and development. They should ask themselves how they want to train their employees in the United States. Will they do on-the-job training or will H2O require the employees to have the knowledge and skills by giving them a proficiency and performance test. Establishing a staffing plan from the start is beneficial. All companies should have this. The benefit of a staffing plan is so that you can

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