HACCP Shortbread

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Assessment Record Form and Marking Grid
FdSc Culinary Arts Management
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Lucianne Fraga
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Rachel Edwards
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Food Production and Safety
Task 1a Food Chart
Task 1b. HACCP
Task 2. Essay (2500 words)

Please see AR1 on Moodle
Learning outcomes assessed:
2. Understand how food products are made from farm to fork by following the food chain
3. Understand the principals of HACCP and how to apply them effectively
Skills Mapped:
As listed in the course handbook.
Assessment Criteria
Areas of Improvement
Task 1a Food Chart
Draw a food chart to illustrate
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In case the material/CoA received is not compliant for either lack of analysis agreed or results outside specification, material is not released for production but instead could be returned to supplier.

Step 3- Quality control point 3.
Step 3 is only relevant for materials that require storage and transportation under controlled temperature. In the case of this exercise, only butter is subject to this quality control. As storage requires temperature below 4 degrees Celsius, a dedicated storage is required. To ensure that temperature is always below limit, a log needs to be kept and for quality reasons, all records must indicate compliance. (Note that a defined frequency needs to also be agreed). If records indicate measurement is above the maximum limit, adjustment needs to take place to guarantee temperature is returned to optimum level. Note that in this exercise, storage is not capable to reach freezing temperatures. If it was the case, lower limit would also be required to be added in the HACCP document in order to guarantee that freezing temperatures are not reached.

Step 4- Quality control point 4.
Flour is sieved to ensure that any physical hazards bigger that 2mm are removed and discarded

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