HAMAS: A Conventional Terrorist Group? Essay examples

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HAMAS, an Arabic acronym meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”, is the name of the socio-political organization currently in power over the Gaza Strip. For decades Jews & Muslims and Israelis & Palestinians, often one in the same, have fought for control over the region. Each have killed thousands of the other, destroyed infrastructures and used underhanded tactics to gain an advantage. Nations such as Japan, the European Union, the United States and (of course) Israel classify the group as terrorists, while nations such as Turkey, Russia and Switzerland do not. (King, 2010) Many factors are taken into consideration before a Nation-State denounces an organization as a “terrorist group”. A profile of HAMAS may help make clear why it is …show more content…
In the three years following the war, 700,000 Jews settled into Israel, mainly along the borders and in former Arab lands. (Morris, 2008)
There were other conflicts of varying degrees over the borders and in 1967 Israel took over the Gaza Strip, again displacing Palestinian Nationalists. (Higgins, 2009) These conflicts were focused on the national borders while not much attention was given to the religious developments from the Israelis. The political entity that rallied the Arabs and opposed the Israelis was called the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). They were driven from Gaza after the 1967 War with Egypt, while the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic group with Egyptian roots flourished in the strip. Varying degrees of Palestinian political entities arose, cease fire agreements, and truces were formed and broken between Israel and Palestine over the next two decades.
HAMAS became active in both the citizenry and politics after the first intifada or uprising , against Israeli soldiers for control. The catalyst of which began after an Israeli struck and killed several Arabs in a car accident. (Lockman & Beinin, 1989) HAMAS began operating in the West Bank and Gaza in 1987 as the local political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which was an Islamic politico-social movement established as far back as 1928. The Muslim Brotherhood’s creed was written:
"God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution,
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