HBo's The Wire

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When Randy first appears in the series, one cannot help but notice his kind heart and pleasant smile. He is good-natured and cheerful, with a flair for business. He sells candy to his peers by changing his grade specific uniform to blend in to different lunch periods, catches homing pigeons to pick up some extra cash, and knows how to get back at bullies by using urine and water balloons. He is quick to learn when taught in an accessible way and is eager to apply it to his everyday life. Randy also has ambitions of running his own business. He truly enjoys school, whether he is learning in the classroom or selling his wares, and opens himself up to teachers like Prez that take a genuine interest in his well-being. Randy adores his foster mother Miss Anna, and is always grateful for her time and care. Whenever Miss Anna’s house is shown it seems to be well taken care of, despite the less than ideal location. Though he has no interest in getting involved with drugs, Randy, trying to keep himself out of trouble with Miss Anna, is labeled a snitch by his peers for talking about a murder. After being pulled out of school for reasons of safety, he is still pursued and eventually attacked by those he was believed to have snitched on. Miss Anna is caught in the cross-fire and deemed no longer able to take care of him, thus leaving Randy to fend for himself in a group home. The last time we encounter Randy in the series he is still in the group home. He is being questioned by police
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