HCA 340 week 4 Essay

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Debbie’s Dilemma By: Alisha Wallace 02/17/2014 HCA340: Managing in Health & Human Services (BTE1404B) Instructor: Lilia Chavarria Debbie chose to return to school with the hopes of a pay raise which is her motivation. According to Herzberg’s two factor theory there may have been have of been many reasons for Debbie’s motivation. “Wages, Hours, Working conditions, Relationships with supervisors, Relationships with peers” Baack, D. E. & Fischer, A. (2013) can all be reasons in why Debbie had returned to school. These particular factors are all a motivation to push forward and succeed so ultimately “Achievements, Recognition, Actual work or job, Responsibility, Chance for advancement or growth”…show more content…
The only reason that the LPN’s received a pay increase is because; the physicians in the organizations did not want to have to deal with the repercussions if they had denied the LPN’s. With Vroom’s theory Debbie ultimately Debbie thought as f because she attended school and obtained her Masters with her performance there would be a reward in the future. Although the organization did indeed offer Debbie a higher paying job that comes with many more duties it was not the pay she in entitled to. A RN with masters should be receiving double what a LPN with no further education should be receiving. In this dilemma the LPN’s did not look at it like this and they just wanted to receive a pay raise because Debbie did. With Vroom’s theory a person who puts in effort and is able to increase their performance is entitled to some type of reward. For all of her studying and the time and effort that Debbie invested in school a well qualifying job would be one whose pay would match the amount of responsibilities that she is responsible for. If I were the one who was advising the 3 physicians I would explain to them that although the LPNs have been with the company a number of years the amount of money they are asking for is absurd. Debbie has gone to school and receive one of the highest qualifications a person could ask for. Debbie deserves her pay raise if not maybe more than what they are offering. There a millions of LPN’s out there and if these two individuals are

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