HCM 420 Mastery Exercises Essay

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HCM 420 Mastery Exercises

Week 1
1. True or false? The principle of autonomy assumes that you are free from the control of others and have the capacity to make your own life choices.
a. True
2. True or false? Kohlberg identified 7 stages of moral development.
a. False
3. True or false? Rawls' view of social justice includes people making choices to protect those who are in a lesser position in society.
a. True
4. True or false? The application of the principle of nonmaleficence is not restricted to patient treatment.
a. True
5. True or false? Fidelity means keeping your word to others and, in ethics, fidelity fits into the Buber View.
a. False
6. True or false? Beneficence is a principle of ethics that assumes that the healthcare
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a. The public holds health care business to a higher standard than other businesses
10. Which of the following is not considered a way of exercising social responsibility?
a. Using social media to interact with staff and patients

Week 4
1. True or false? Kohlberg identified 3 stages of moral development.
a. False
2. True or false? Information technology has improved the quality of healthcare.
a. True
3. True or false? Collaboration technology and assisted reproduction technologies are two types of business technologies that are currently being perfected.
a. False
4. True or false? Neuroethics is a subset of ethics that focuses on the interface between the human brain and machines.
a. True
5. What is telemedicine?
a. The combination of computers, videoconferencing, and digitized medical records that can be transported via satellite or high-speed telephone lines
6. How has technology influenced health care?
a. Eliminated the need for patient privacy
7. What term refers to technology’s influence on values and culture?
a. Technology diffusion
8. Which of the following is NOT a part of the health care information technology industry?
a. Radiation technology
9. True or false? The categorical imperative is Kant's tool for testing your actions and helping you make moral decisions.
a. True
10. Which statement regarding quality control is incorrect?
a. Standards are unstable and everyone is responsible for working with the latest information.
11. Which of the following

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