HCS 235 Week 2 Completed Health insurance matrix

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University of Phoenix Material Health Insurance Matrix As you learn about health care delivery in the United States, it is important to understand the various models of health insurance to develop a working knowledge as you progress through the course. The following matrix is designed to help you develop that knowledge and assist you in understanding how health care is financed and how health insurance influences patients and providers as important foundational information for your role as a future health care worker. Fill in the following matrix. Each box must contain responses between 50 and 100 words using complete sentences. Include APA citations for the content you provide. Origin: When was the model first used? What kind of…show more content…
This insurance encouraged people that had this basic form of insurance to get a second opinion on their medical issues especially elective surgeries. You had to pay for services that you were receiving right away. Indemnity insurance system is on a retrospective payment system. This is where you are automatically responsible to pay the fees for seeing the provider. Then you will be reimbursed for the cost a latter date. You are responsible to take care of any charges that you make incur. The insurance company is responsible for covering costs of care as well as you are. You will pay for the cost of seeing your PCP of your choice and you will get reimbursed for the services that you just received. It is a classic way of making sure that if you are really in need of seeing a provider then you will figure out a way to make that happen without incurring so much that the provider could be out money in the long run. You have open access to indemnity insurance. You have the right to choose your PCP and it doesn’t matter what your insurance may like. This makes things very convenient considering many people go to the same doctor for the vast majority of their life and solely rely on them for their treatment or care. Indemnity insurance is nice in the aspect that you get to choose your health care provider as well as you will be reimbursed for you services that you received. I know that most people couldn’t afford that right away and with

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