HCS 446 week 3 Facility Planning Part II

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Facility Planning-Part II
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
Facility Planning
HCS 446
Terrie Rill
August 23, 2014
Facility Planning-Part II
Human factors are a serious reason to approach building design from several different angles. Understanding regulatory requirements will help the planning team meet the different codes required to build or remodel. Color selection and noise control affect the environment for both patients and employees so this must be selected carefully to impact the health and wellness of those who are interacting in the health care space. Purchasing the correct the equipment for the space and the employees to use on a daily basis is imperative to the budget of the facility planning process. Identifying the
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The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states when “conditions causing human error are minimized or eliminated in a context such as hospitals, the result should be less human error, leading to fewer adverse events and preventable medical deaths, improved patient outcomes, and improved safety ("Safe design of healthcare facilities," 2006, para. 3).”
Electronic Items Health care facility planning must encompass the types of electronic items that will be used and how to support those electronic items. Electricity is the primary concern with electronics devices and equipment. The planning stage must include the amount of computers, phones, electrical outlets, medical equipment, imaging equipment, surgical equipment, and office equipment that will need to be used on a daily basis. Another aspect to identifying the electronics needed is knowing what equipment the health care facility already has and is using that can be reused and what new equipment must be purchased. Advancements in technology may be the driving reason that new equipment is needed or simply just the age and pervious usage of the existing equipment. Understanding the current equipment and the future needs of the facility will help control budget costs.
Budget Planning Cost Management is used to outline the costs of planning a project. Estimating costs through data collection, design planning, and budgeting are used throughout facility planning to reduce costs
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