HCS 449 Week 2 Health Care Industry

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Health Care Industry Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Health Care Administration Capstone HCS 449 John Weiss September 13, 2014 Health Care Industry The health care industry is an environment that is competitive and expensive. To be a patient receiving care the urgency is high and at a very critical point to trust a team of strangers with your care possibly even your life. On the other side of that coin, treating and interacting with patients is a part of the health care industry because providing care does not end with the physician. In the middle of these two different side of health care is where management steps in and takes over the middle ground. Big Changes in Health Care Within the next 10 years I believe that the electronic…show more content…
Learning directly from the people who are doing the job and creating the processes that go along with the job is the best way to gain knowledge. Perception of Health Care I believe I have become more cynical over the years of being in health care and going through this course has not helped that very much. I often think to myself “Why am I in a customer service oriented job?” The entitlement people expect is mind blowing. However, I also think that my perception of health care is growing positively because of the different class and subjects that have been touched on throughout this course. I have a better understanding of the process it takes to get a law passed in our government, how to outcomes, and how to design a facility floor plan. Health care is changing quickly with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the amount of patients with the ability to get medical care. The amount of providers was not increased to help handle to large increase in patients. Patients are struggling to make appointments in a timely fashion because of the increased volume of calls on the call centers or front office staff. Patients are waiting longer periods of time to get an appointment because of the increased volume of patients. Doctors have the ability to not be enrolled as a provider in health care plans and that limits the availability of doctors that are able to treat patients on Medicare and Medicaid. Technology in the

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