HCS 457 Week 1 DQ's Essay

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1. What three components of public and community health differ from individual health? Describe each component and provide examples from your life. According to" Public Health Infrastructure - Healthy People" (n.d.), "Public health infrastructure includes 3 key components that enable a public health organization at the Federal, Tribal, State, or local level to deliver public health services. These components are: • A capable and qualified workforce • Up-to-date data and information systems • Public health agencies capable of assessing and responding to public health needs " These components make it possible to fulfill public health services that include, but are not limited to, monitoring; diagnosis and investigation; information,…show more content…
I do my best to eat healthy meals and exercise. I also ensure that my son and my husband are guarded from health concerns of germs by keeping my home clean and tidy. References: Public Health Infrastructure - Healthy People. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/overview.aspx?topicid=35 1) How do various levels of government work with communities? The federal and state governments are the largest supporters of health care services in the United States. Examples of support that our government provides include assisting those who are in need of health care with numerous options such as Medicare and Medicaid, the employment of millions of people, and billions of dollars each year for new discoveries, treatments, and cures. The government does indeed offer great assistance with programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, two of the largest programs that the government is involved in. Not only does the government provide those who are in need with Medicare and Medicaid, but there is also the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These programs provided by the government are there to help those who cannot afford insurance. Insurance is not affordable to many families due to the economy and I feel that just because a family or an individual cannot afford insurance does not mean they should not be able to

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