HCS 475 WEEK 4 Accountability Paper

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The Importance of Accountability Paper Michelle Payden-Wright HCS/475 March 2, 2015 Dr. Lawrence Fergus The Importance of Accountability Paper Accountability is important in the health care industry; it holds an individual accountable day in and day out for his and her own tasks. Holding a person accountable for their actions can also assist in creating accountability for the department, unit, organization, and industry level of the organization. Accountability is considered to be a performance management system to improve and measure quality in the health care industry (O'Hagan & Persaud, 2009). “The good leader works hard to make sure that there is little transfer of accountability from the staff to the leader when it comes to…show more content…
Being a leader is a fulltime commitment to the group, the leader role runs into chaos, confusion, and ambiguity of accountability, the staff will lose sight of the value and begin to develop uncertainty towards the leader, that can lead to conflict within the organization. According to Investopedia (2015), checks and balance are used to minimize improper behavior and mistakes. Checks and balance assist in keeping the organizations financial sectors honest and accurate. Checks and balances always define assigned tasks clearly, one person will nt have total control over decisions, that prevents the one person or department from being able to have too much control and power; by assigning separate duties to various employees makes it easier to define roles and ensure that executives and employees’ are unable to tear down the business without being noticed by another employee ("Checks And Balances," 2015). Accountability affects an organization’s working culture by setting common elements, believing that the individual, department, and different organizational levels will continue to improve and learn, especially when it comes to making decisions about care and direction; and organizational change that is long lasting has to change the culture first (O'Hagan & Persaud, 2009, para. 5,6). The main reason for culture accountability is to make sure the money is actually spent on

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