HD TV over IP Networks Essay example

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HDTV over IP Networks Table of Contents Introduction     1 About CBN     1 HDTV Integration     2 Area Researched     3 Technology Involved     5 System Architecture     5 Implementation     6 Future Trends     8 Future Products     8 Companies Involved     10 Regulatory Issues     11 “Dual Carriage” and Multicast Requirement     11 “Must Carry” Requirement     11 Global Implications     11…show more content…
As for the last channel, here you will find our only station that doesn’t use the CBN trademark. It’s called AEE; it stands for adult entertainment extreme. This channel is not for kids, and we will just leave it at that. HDTV Integration Century Broadcasting Network has thousands of shareholders which we have pledged to continually strive to provide the highest quality of television programming at the lowest possible cost. This ensures that ROI’s are profitable without compromising quality. This is a great challenge considering the rate to which the technology used in entertainment programming is changing. With analog equipment we easily can get 10+ years out of the components. Conversely with HDTV we would be lucky to achieve 4-5 years for most components. Because of this rate of change and our promise to shareholders, we are exploring new ways to use COTS, commercial off-the-shelf, components to accomplish our goal of transitioning our entire line-up to HDTV format.       Area Researched “Nearly every night you’ll see prime-time network TV shows that begin with a ‘Simulcast in High Definition’ message.” (Kindig) The fact is that the number of programs broadcast in HDTV is steadily increasing. But when did it all begin? Television began in the United States in 1941 when the NTSC adopted the analog television standard. This standard included only a black and what format. It wasn’t until 1953 that the NTSC
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