HDFS 145 Final Study Guide

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HDFS 145 Final Exam Study Guide EXAM 1 Family Types Single-parent and step-families Usually headed by mothers 85% Divorced/likely she has never been married Two-provider families (patriarchy – father runs) Traditional family Married couple, (father/mother and children) Family of procreation Father works, mother stays at home Married/Cohabitation couples who both work Over 50% of mothers with children under one year work at least part-time US Census definition of marriage Two or more persons (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption, residing together The definition we recognize adds Respect, responsibility to each other, commitment and identification with one another as family. We include…show more content…
ty Partner selection Endogamy- marrying within ethnic, class or social group Exogamy- marrying outside ethnic, class or social group Homogamy- marrying someone who is in some culturally way, similar to yourself Heterogamy- marrying someone who is in some culturally way, different than yourself Similarity strengthens, difference weakens To develop a good relationship you need time, togetherness and talking Five bonding forces of love Knowledge, trust, reliance, commitment and touch (emotionally and physically) Cohabitation- Two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis Sexuality The Sexual Revolution (1950-1980) The pill introduced in the 1960s Mid-1980s was AIDS AIDs was deadly – no cure, no treatment, lots of fear Sexual activity before marriage and outside of marriage was greatly reduced Renewed emphasis on monogamy Sexual expression covers a wide variety of behaviors Autoeroticism: only you Sexual fantasies, erotic dreams, masturbation Interpersonal behaviors: with someone else Pleasuring – non-sexual Outercourse, petting – non-penetrative Kissing, caressing, oral contact Penile-Vaginal intercourse (coitus) Anal intercourse – riskiest sexual behavior The Sexual Response Cycle Phase 1: Excitement Muscle tension increase, heart rate quickens, nipples harden, erection of mans penis, lubrication of vagina Phase 2: Plateau Vaginal walls turn dark

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