HDTV: Implications for High Definition Television Essay

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HDTV: Implications for High Definition Television HDTV (High Definition Television) has many positive attributes and is the television set of the future, but the primary concern is how this revolutionary standard can coexist and eventually replace the existing color TV system. This vital problem associated with HDTV is similar to the obstacle that color TV encountered in 1954 - which was enabling the color signal to be read simultaneously with the monochrome signal, without interference. There is an estimated 600 million television sets dispersed throughout the world and about 70 percent of them are color. (Kuhn, 2001: 1). A significant and precarious matter is whether the modern criterion of HDTV should be attuned with…show more content…
As a result of having the screen contain an enormous amount of perception (above all peripherally) vitally enhances the feel of actually being in the film. After the impact of HDTV on the film industry, desire enhanced gradually to create an HDTV structure for lucrative broadcasting. (Kuhn, 2002: 1). The Federal Communications Commission has given its approval to a standardized high definition digital TV. The standard enables digital pipelines that are able to concurrently broadcast one or two HDTV shows, around six Standard – Definition TV programs, tremendous audio signals, and abundant amounts of data. Though, the apparent picture is far from success because broadcasters, electronics companies, and computer outfits linger in confusion over the most superlative solution of how to launch the new era of television technology. (Lazarus, 2002: 1). Another problem that arises is that government and medical officials are concerned that digital transmissions have the ability to interrupt vital medical monitoring equipment in the proximity of hospitals. (Lewis, 1998: 1). In the early 1990’s, optimism for HDTV was increasing globally. Europe and Japan had developed concise satellite broadcasting of high definition signals; however in the United

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