HELLP Syndrome Analysis

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Here in the United States, there are medical facilities who because of their religious affiliations are not able to function to the highest level of care. It is because of these facilities, mainly hospitals, and their adherence the religious doctrines that are set forth by either churches or other religious orders, that people may find that they can be denied certain procedures forcing people to face unneeded consequences. The group of people that can specifically fine themselves denied are women, with reproductive health being the main concern of subpar care. Therefore, it is the responsibility that even though a hospital may have a religious affiliation it should provide equivalent medical care. So they fulfill their intended purpose as a hospital, equipping their doctors with the full…show more content…
As woman age, they will find that pregnancy can be extra hard on the body, causing health issues such as high blood pressure, with some woman developing preeclampsia. Preeclampsia, a pregnancy-induced hypertension disorder which affects both mother and fetus poses the real possibility of impacting renal function along with the development of HELLP syndrome. When a woman develops this HELLP syndrome they are a risk of hemolysis; the breakdown of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes, and low plate count putting her a greater risk of complications that cause death (Preeclampsia Foundation, pg1). The only known way to cure this disorder is to deliver the baby and placenta, even if the baby is premature because not only can this kill the mother, but it has repercussions for the fetus as well. When it comes to the fetus, preeclampsia causes an inadequate nutrition supply because of the insufficiency of the placenta to regulate how the fetus gets its nutrients, which can lead to growth retardation and further heath compilations later in life (Lapidus MD,

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