HGH: Fountain of Youth? Essay

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HGH: Fountain of Youth? What is aging? It is a question that has been puzzling doctors for centuries. In a culture so obsessed with youth, it is not surprising that science asks this question often. It is also not surprising that the anti-aging product market is a booming multi-million dollar phenomenon. We will pay thousands for procedures that make us thinner, stronger, more full of energy and less wrinkled. The new emphasis of the advertising world is not just looking young, but feeling young too. A large importance is placed on energy, vitality and mental awareness. In a time in our society where the 'baby boomer' generation is approaching their mid 50's, and the number of elderly Americans is substantially increasing, we begin…show more content…
(1) Slowing of thought and memory are seen to be a normal part of aging (1) As nerves degenerate, reflexes to both physical and mental stimuli may also be reduced or lost. These are some of the normal nervous system changes that occur throughout the aging process. Scientists now believe that there may be a way to reduce or reverse the effects of normal aging on the body. What is this 'fountain of youth'? It's name is HGH. Human Growth Hormone, HGH, is produced by the anterior pituitary under glandular and chemical instructions from the hypothalamus. HGH was discovered in the 1920's and first isolated in 1956. It is chemically very similar to insulin and, like all hormones, naturally declines with age. HGH has been shown to decline with age in every animal species tested to date. In humans, the amount of growth hormone after age 31 falls about 24 % per decade, so that total 24-hour growth hormone production is cut by 75% by the age of 60 (2). According to proponents of HGH replacement therapy, the fact that Human Growth Hormone production is reduced significantly as we age is a major factor in aging (2). According to HGH marketers, a decline of HGH in the body contributes to the following aging factors: 1. Thin skin and skin wrinkles. While HGH promotes and increases in the synthesis of new protein tissue. 2. Muscle wasting. 3. Abdominal fat. While HGH is involved in the fat metabolism equation. 4.

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