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Is Your Healthcare Organization Looking for Better HIPAA Guidance?
As more healthcare information is stored and transmitted digitally, ensuring that your organization complies with the myriad of federal and state regulations is becoming increasingly difficult. As part of this digital transformation, healthcare organizations are partnering with cloud companies, data processors, and other organizations that must also comply with HIPAA business associate requirements. This has resulted in an increase in the scope of security challenges for healthcare providers and their business associates.

With OCR increasing its focus on auditing business partners as well, this adds another layer of complexity to ensuring your
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the user downloads unsafe software or uninstalls AV). It then provides automatic containment of potential threats. Network Sentry profiles each device and keeps a detailed log of every action taken, then delivers both the threat alert as well as the contextual information to the security analysts to expedite review. Network Sentry’s detailed log also offers comprehensive reporting that can be crucial for HIPAA audits.

HITRUST Certification
Your healthcare organization can incorporate the CSF frameworks into your business practices, or take it a step further, and become HITRUST CSF Certified. The consolidated controls view of the HITRUST CSF provides visibility into the controls for several regulatory requirements and the HITRUST audit can also help you solve any potential issues prior to an official audit, avoiding costly HIPAA fines.

Network Sentry has a strong history of providing companies with the visibility, control and remediation necessary to successfully implement the HITRUST CSF 01 and meet HIPAA requirements for access control. For more information on how Network Sentry can help your healthcare organization read our whitepaper, the Top 4 Network Security Challenges for Healthcare, or contact us at

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