HIPAA Principles

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The new rules allow patients to participate with all aspect of their healthcare decisions. It focuses on patient’s involvement, decisions, continuous healing and patient control. The new rules are design to meet the patient’s needs. Throughout the years, physicians had more of a paternalistic view with competent patient’s healthcare choices. Even though, the physicians optimal goals is to practice non-maleficence and beneficence care, their knowledge regarding patient’s illness and care paternalistically diminish patient’s autonomy and involvement. The new rules reinforce those principles; it changes patient’s involvement, choices and preferences. It increases transparency, predict patient’s needs, continuity of care among physicians, institute evidence-based decisions and health records access.…show more content…
Patients should be given an opportunity to shop quality healthcare providers, prices and services. We provide competitive prices and services at our radiology practices, patients are able to find this information with their local insurance company or online. The organization takes all measures not to violated HIPPA guidelines, by implement technology that will share patient information across the web without fear of violation of HIPPA. Patients seem to be very satisfied with this system; it saves them a trip to the office and provides immediate results of their exam. They’re able to follow-up or make decisions with their doctors to expedite the needed care. Transparency also has an competitive advantage. Organizations that list their services and prices, prompts other similar entities to match or beat prices, making it affordable for the
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