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“The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 made it illegal to gain access to personal medical information for any reasons other than health care delivery, operations, and reimbursements” (Shi &ump; Singh, 2008, p. 166). “HIPAA legislation mandated strict controls on the transfer of personally identifiable health data between two entities, provisions for disclosure of protected information, and criminal penalties for violation” (Clayton 2001). “HIPAA also has privacy requirements that govern disclosure of patient protected health information (PHI) placed in the medical record by physicians, nurses, and other health care providers” (Buck, 2011). Always remember conversations about a patient’s health care or…show more content…
Single-payer health plan places the financing with one entity usually the government. “One major advantage of this system is that all Americans and lawful residents would be entitled to benefits regardless of individual or family income” (Shi &ump; Singh, 2008, p. 572). “Private insurance plans and government entitlement programs (Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program) would no longer be necessary under a single-payer system, although the for some private insurance will remain for those desiring coverage beyond what a basic government plan might offer” (Shi &ump; Singh, 2008, p. 572). “Health care providers would be reimbursed on a fee-for-service scale” (Shi &ump; Singh, 2008, p. 572). “Hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutional facilities would be given an annual prospective budget to provide all required care” (Shi &ump; Singh, 2008, p. 572). Single-payer system has to offer two things that are important are having coverage for all individuals in the United States and the money spent on health care was budgeted. There is other ways that have been tried or discussed and they would be piecemeal, managed competition, play-or-pay, and employee mandate, although those do not necessarily provide coverage to all individuals. There are down sides to a universal plan that would be change,
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