HIS Part 3

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Part I Points Possible: 80 Of the following three questions, answer two of your choice. 1. Study the Memoir for the Marquis de Seignelay (Links to an external site.) and the 1699 Map of North America (Links to an external site.) and respond to each of the following questions in at least three complete sentences. a. What was at issue between the French and the English? - The rivalry between the French and the English in obtaining Indian allies as well as defining boarders between the two colonies. b. Why did the French want to attack the Iroquois and not the English colonies? - The English employed the Iroquois and excited all other Indians against the French . “They sent those last year to attack the Hurons and the Outawas.” The…show more content…
Who is Black or white became not as important as who is free or enslaved. The infamous 3/5ths compromise to determine taxation and representation came out of these developments.(1) The black codes were developed to define slavery and control the black population. (2) b. According to the law, what changed in the institution of slavery? - The institution of slavery formed as slavery grew and the southern economy became more dependent on slaves. If slavery had been abolished earlier the whole economy would have crashed. Slaves were imported from Africa in huge numbers to work on Southern cotton plantations. When slavery was an issue in the civil war the south could not afford to abolish it completely and rapidly without losing their entire economy. c. Why were the laws necessary? - Defining Slavery was an essential part of governing the slave economy. The black codes were important in determining what constituted felonies amongst slaves and slave owners (2). If a slave were to defend itself against a white in any way, shape or form. These laws were important in governing the highly controversial society. Part II Points Possible: 20 Identify and give the historical significance of each of the following: 1. Popé 's Rebellion - was a rebellion of the Pueblo Indians against the Spanish colonies in the province of Sante Fe de Nuevo Mexico. The pueblo murdered 400 Spanish and drove the remaining 2000 colonists out of the state. 2. William Penn - was a
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