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Name: Date: Graded Assignment Final Exam Part 2 I. Map On this world map, indicate the following features: Amazon Rainforest Panama Canal The Himalayas The Ring of Fire The Mississippi River The Gobi Desert (10 points) II. Graphic Organizer Fill in the table below about these five major world religions. Do not fill in the shaded boxes. (10 points) Religion Name at least one Holy Text How do you achieve enlightment? Describe their view about the afterlife. Hinduism Bhagvada Gata Do good deeds to get good karma until you break the samsara or cycle of reincarnation and reach enlightenment Buddhism Believe the Four Truths are true and real, follow the Eightfold Path, meditation is one of the major steps to…show more content…
Voting patterns even seem to follow where the ice age hit worst and where it didn’t but this may have nothing to do with the ice age andmerely just that the industrialized regions are interested in different aspects of what each candidate hs to offer. IV. Short Answer Consider that Earth’s population is projected to rise to 10 billion by the year 2050. The current population is only around 6 billion. Most scientists predict global warming will be noticeable by the year 2050 as well. What parts of the world currently have the fastest and slowest population growth? (4 points) Fastest  Sub-Saharan Africa Slowest  Europe What regions do you think will have the highest population densities in the year 2050? Explain why. (6 points) My best guess is India will have the highest population density because they are industrializing quickly, have plenty resources and are working to get more and also they have lot of job opportunities. In other places it does seem like there will be much industrialization such as Africa which can cause the people to die out when they do nt have resources. Also the culture in India from what I have seen is that people have many children and encourage big families and take care of each other. How do you think the population increase will affect urban areas in the world? (5 points) They will continue to

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