HIV / AIDS : Causes And Impacts In Art

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Uganda’s significant sculptor, Dr. Lilian Nabulime, once said “Art is a very powerful tool that can change people’s attitudes regarding issues that affect them, thus empowering them, leading to change among themselves, socially or politically.” The eruption of HIV/AIDS changed the art industry remarkably. The outbreak of HIV/AIDS was, and still is today, one of the largest plagues in the history. The disease has brought attention to people and changed society as a whole. HIV/AIDS also caused many kinds of problems, for example, issues with racism and social affairs. Throughout the 1980s, the eruption of HIV/AIDS had such a significant impact on American artists that the disease transformed much of their artwork. This crisis has affected many artists in such personal ways, that they began to draw attention to the crisis by dedicating their creations to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. Two of the many artworks in this world regarding HIV/AIDS that caught many individuals’ attention significantly are The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt and AIDS: 1 in 61. These two pieces of artwork may be different regarding their appearance, but the creators of both works had the same goal of spreading awareness of the disease through their art to the world. In 1987, a small group of people had a goal in mind of generating a memorial in honor of those who had died of AIDS. These people created a historical piece of art called The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. Before this, when people thought
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