HIV/AIDS and Smoking Cessation Prevention Programs in New Jersey

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HIV/AIDS and smoking cessation prevention programs in New Jersey New Jersey (NJ) is amongst one of the many states within the United States that has increased investments in the prevention programs for the HIV/AIDS and smoking cessation. Perhaps one of the most important steps that they have taken is the use of rapid HIV testing that they have made available since late 2003. The most successful marketing aspect that they have employed is to allow the NJ users access to undergo application for rapid HIV testing online through the New Jersey's Rapid Testing Sites. These tests aim to help speed up accurate diagnoses of the patients and applicants all through the routine check-ups whether they include counseling sessions, testing websites and sessions, the hiring of appropriate healthcare service providers as well as the appropriate use of emergency departments. The main promotional strategy for these rapid testing sessions is the need for an individual to be completely aware of their HIV conditioning so that they can in turn counter the chance or prospect of transporting or transmitting the disease to others around them. Furthermore, the HIV testing helps the pregnant female applicants as well in reducing the likelihood of transferring the disease to the unborn child through the intake of appropriate medication. Considering their marketing strategy to be that of timely response through rapid HIV testing, it is safe to say that they are using the promotional strategies to good

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