HIV Qualitative Research Critique Paper

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HIV Qualitative Research Critique: Draft Research is relevant to nursing with a specific end goal to interpret obstructions, increment estimation of patient care, propose new thoughts for future research, and shape the benchmarks at which we rehearse at. Studying research permits experts the capacity to decide qualities and shortcomings in every specific piece. Evaluating is imperative to bolster or expose conclusions found by the examination directed. Supporting or exposing research takes into consideration medical attendants to reinforce proper patient mediations and execute them with the most extreme endorsement. It is imperative for me to understand how to properly critique research for my career as a nurse so that I can stand by the medical…show more content…
Proper critiquing is also vital when holding a position of management to oversee interventions implemented by other nurses under my supervision. Critiques may likewise be done as learning experiences or to help give suitable input to the creator before distribution. As for this situation, I have critiqued 2 research articles as an instructive affair for my nursing education. Peltzer, Domian, and Teel (2015) examine the everyday impacts of having a HIV positive status as a youthful African-American woman in a Midwestern metropolitan city. Udonkhamsuk, Fongkaew, Grimes, Viseskul, and Kasatpibal (2014) examine the treatment adherence of Thai youth who are likewise living with an HIV/Helps status. The significance of the critique of these research articles and evidenced based practice is to understand the strategy for thinking, for teaching, and for nursing proposals for HIV/AIDS positive patients. Moreover will give spots for advancement in our healthcare framework
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