HIV/STD: Health Promotion Strategies Essay

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The World Health Organization defines Health promotion as “ the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health participants.” Contemporary health professionals such as nurse practitioners, nurses, and doctors inform and demonstrate ways on caring for the self. The contemporary view of health promotion is an individual driven prevention assisted by health care professionals. This new style of health promotion lets patients get involved with their health by adapting a lifestyle that changes the way they approach health prevention. In the historical view of head psychological problems were not counted as major factor contributing to patients illness, but contemporary …show more content…
Health professionals argue that such preventive strategies need to be understood and well- learned so that the social public health will take health promotion seriously.
Likewise, unlike the historic view of health promotion, nurses should be fully involved in health promotion. Nurses should take initiative and educate themselves on various diseases so that they can educate patients on their condition. The historic view of health promotion only encouraged doctors to educate patients and nurses played the role of attending patients. The current trend encourages nurses to be well-versed in disease prevention strategies, so that they can educate patients to be responsible for the prevention of their diseases. In accordance, The three government licenced articles on HIV/STDs stress the importance of education on both health professionals and patients. The article “ Sustaining Safe Practice” states that prevention of HIV/STDs depend upon the following “ partnership between government, non-government organization and affected communities, reflexive relationships between researchers, educators and communities. ( cdc Sustaining safe practice) Sustaining Safe Practice advocates the importance of community influence on patients education on their conditions. The article also stresses the importance of AIDS health promotion.The article defines
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