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1) Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAS).

Higher level teaching assistants (HLTAS) have a variety of training requirements to adhere to for example numerical and literacy skills up to NVQ level 2 which ensures that they are able and confident in what they are teaching. HLTAS should also have a broad knowledge of learning strategies from independent to group within the curriculum to allow a pupil to fulfil their potential. HLTAS should also have a solid knowledge of the curriculum along with skills in curriculum development and delivery this is to allow HLTAS to be able to teach to a high standard and be aware of what a pupil needs to do to get them to move up a sub level or level in different
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Furthermore HLTAS should have good team work skills so that they can share planning teaching and evaluating themselves and other within the team also for support within the school environment.

2) What are the National Occupational Standards (NOS)? What purpose do they serve? The National Occupational Standards (NOS) are performance standards that specify what skills and knowledge a HLTA should have in order to perform in their role. NOS provide a valuable resource to schools that use them to assist in the creation of job descriptions and roles and responsibilities, as well as underpinning training, progression and supporting development needs of staff. They were developed by representatives and different employers in a variety of sectors within education. HLTAS can target the use of the national occupational standards in a variety of ways from supporting and assisting with the development of frameworks used for the organisation, promoting and supporting equal opportunities to ensuring confidentiality but to name a few. Other National occupational standards are applicable to HLTAS from roles outside of education for example self-assessment for competence and opportunities for professional development and improvement of skills all of these help staff and HLTAS be able to perform their role to a correct standard and increase their competency within their role.
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