HMO Health Insurance

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As a direct participant in my health insurance policy, I am insured by Humana. Furthermore, Humana is a Health Maintenance Organization. Therefore, this particular health insurance is ran by a particular choice of a Primary Care Physician from a web of local health care providers. When applicable, you will be referred to in-network specialists and hospitals. However, unless there is a serious or detrimental emergency occurring, HMO plans usually does not have coverage over out-of-network care (“What Is An HMO,” n.d.). When carrying an HMO type of insurance, there is less hassle involved; this is because HMO health insurance does not require any claim forms to see a doctor. In contrast, the member of the HMO health insurance only needs to display a card that shows proof of insurance at a…show more content…
Overall, my HMO health insurance has enabled me to become a more productive employee and more comfortable around my staff. If I was to change something about my health insurance, I would preferably want my health insurance to cover medical expenses outside of my plan (5 Reasons an HMO Plan Might Be Right for Your Company, 2017, p. 1). Each month, I pay minimal copayments after each medical service and an out-of-pocket maximum for coverage of all my medical services for the year. Before these payments, I have to pay a deductible fee to cover my health services before my insurance company pays for anything. Regarding my research on health insurance, I will make sure to wait until I graduate from college, relieve most of my debt, and have a family to take care of before I invest a large amount of money with little diversification. With this intention, I would not invest in a health insurance plan to early because of the high-risk possibilities along with stacked
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