HMV Case Study Essay

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HMV Case Study


This case study is based on HMV which is one of the largest retailers of music, DVD, videos and games world wide with a large number of stores in major cities in the world.

This investigation covers the different aspects and activities involved in the running of the business this includes the main departments and their various activities and their functions. It also contains an in-depth explanation of HMVs customer service and how the activities are carried out in this department its functions, and how it relates to the other departments.

This investigation is one of the many stores in the U.K it is located in Woolwich and it is a medium sized store with about 30 to 35 employees. As a
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Primary data is information not already in published form which is obtained by the business some of these methods include questionnaires, interviews, shop floor tests etc

The second method is desk research: this method is used to collect secondary data this is data recorded for a specific purpose such as government purposes, trade figure publications and academic research this research does not have to be done in the field .

The marketing and sales department is responsible for many aspects of the business they have to carry out market research to find out:

· What goods and services the customers want

· What the customers think of the goods and products

· Expected trends in market and in demand for a product

· The strengths and weakness of their competing companies


Promotion is important to the business because it informs the customers about the product and persuading them to buy their products.

There are three main

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