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As tensions mounted up until the point of World War II and the war stormed through Europe, another battle silently raged. Not only did Hitler and the Nazi party wage war on countries throughout Europe, they also assaulted and purged entire innocent groups. The Holocaust began in 1933 and reached its height in WW II, while coming to an end with the war in 1945. Hitler used the Holocaust as a mechanism to rid his "racially superior" German state of any "inferior" groups (especially Jews) that would be of some threat or sign of inferiority to Germany. As a result of the Holocaust, millions of men, women, and children of various national, ethnic, and social
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They feared that the Jews would be successful in their search for world domination and deny the existence of all others. This reason was why the Jews needed to be stopped and in Hitler's plan, annihilated.

Hitler's first plan was to demean the Jews' reputation. The Jews, who in 1933 numbered 500,000 in Germany which was less than one percent of the population ( The Holocaust), were blamed for economic depression and Germany's defeat in World War I. New laws were created that forced Jews to give their civil service jobs, university and law positions, and other aspects of the public life. Jewish businesses were boycotted in April 1933 ( The Holocaust). Also that year, the first concentration camps opened to begin in the destruction of the Jews, and they were expected to wear a symbol to differentiate themselves, a yellow Star of David. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws took all personal identity from the Jews and defined them by their religion and heritage alone.

From 1937 until 1939, the Jews were segregated from society to an even greater extent. They could no longer live normal daily lives in the fact that they could not attend public schools, travel to resorts, or walk in certain areas of German cities. At this time, the Jews were expelled from economic life. To remove

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